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Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns1

Black Creek Group, now part of Ares Management, focuses on investing in high-quality real estate that can offer investors portfolio diversification and consistent return streams through market cycles. We offer a broad range of actively managed real estate investments across the risk spectrum, and we invite you to explore the solutions brought to you by Black Creek Group today.

Ares Real Estate Income Trust

Ares Real Estate Income Trust (AREIT) is a diversified NAV REIT that seeks to deliver consistent monthly income and capture long-term value appreciation across a balanced portfolio of high-quality real estate assets.


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Ares Real Estate Exchange

Ares Real Estate Exchange (AREX) is a program that under IRC Sections 1031 and 721, allows an owner of appreciated real estate to exchange an investment property for access to high-quality commercial real estate.

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Ares Industrial Real Estate Income Trust

Ares Industrial Real Estate Income Trust (AIREIT) invests in institutional-quality1 distribution warehouses, focusing on bulk distribution, light industrial and last-mile distribution facilities in high barrier-to-entry markets with access to major distribution hubs and dense population centers.


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Build-to-Core Industrial Partnerships

Joint ventures with institutional partners that seek to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns by developing and/or repositioning industrial properties located in key U.S. distribution markets.

Closed Investment Vehicles

Information related to closed investment vehicles.

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